Creating Amazing Cakes for All Occasions - Company Message

Venue Packages
Listed below is a menu for our clients using
 a Cater or Venue 
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us

Included Flavors

Dulce de Leche 
Cream cheese butter cake with dulce de leche

Piña Colada 
Cream cheese butter cake with coconut and pineapple filling, creating a 
pina colada.
Rum simple syrup available upon request for extra charge of $0.75 per guest
Cream cheese butter cake with vanilla custard 

Cream cheese butter cake with strawberry jam,
 or fresh strawberries available for a charge of $0.75 per guest

Lemon Tang
Lemon curd paired with our lemon cake or our Cream cheese butter cake

Upgraded Flavors 
$1.00 extra per quest

$2.00 per guest

Carrot Cake 

Red Velvet
$2.00 per guest

Almond Cake 
Rum Cake 

Chocolate Cake 

Gluten-free Cake
$1.75 per guest

For any special flavor request please contact us

A few past Venue Packaged Cakes
"Messy" Cake"Messy" Cake"Messy" Cake"Messy" Cake"Messy" Cake
Buttercream CakeButtercream CakeRibbon CakeRibbon Cake"Naked" Cake
"Naked" Cake"Naked" Cake"Naked" Cake"Naked" Cake Gold Dust Cake
Bling Cake"Messy" CakeButtercream CakeRibbon cake"Naked" Cake
Gold CakeButtercream CakeButtercream Cake"Naked" Cake "Messy" Cake

All cakes listed above can be modified to have your colors and fresh flowers

Packaged cake sizes are based on the final guest count by the vendor.

UpchargeCake designs 

Fondant $2.00 per guest 

Square cakes $1.25 per guest 

Specialty flavor $1.00 per guest
Price may vary depending on which flavor 

Feel free to email us or call with any questions and we'll get back to you as soon as possible or 561-249-9094