Creating Amazing Cakes for All Occasions - Company Message
 Celebration Cakes
Take a look at our Amazing Celebration Cakes we have created for others. 
Here at Party Cakes by Shawn, we do not only believe in making the cakes look outstanding, we also make sure every cake that goes out is delicious! 
80's Theme CakeBoot Cake40th18th
"Girly" Birthday NYC "Star" birthday Construction
Tiffany Box and Purse cakeBig AppleMasquerade Wine Vineyard
PillowRockstar Candy Land  : Topsy Turvy Cake
 : Topsy Turvy cake : Luau Cake : Birthday cake : Pole dancing cake
 : Topsy Turvy cake : Juicy Purse cake : Louis Vuitton Purse cake : Gypsy Birthday cake
 : 3D Boat cake : 3D Truck cake : Tiffany Box cake : Topsy Turvy Birthday cake
 : Wine cake : Wine Bottle cake : Kentucky Derby cake : Itlay cake
 : Travel Jet Blue cake : Travel Jet Blue cake : 50th Birthday cake : 30th Birthday cake
 : 80's cake : FSU cake : Tea party cake : 40th Birthday cake
 : Patron Cake : Grey Goose cake : Sweet 16 Pillow cake : 50's cake
 : 30th Birthday cake : sweet 16 cake : 3D Darth Vadar cake : 3D Car cake
 : 3D 50'S Car cake : Sports themed cake : 3D Deer head cake : 3D Car cake
 : Airplane Travling cake : Navy cake : Sports team cake : Anchor Navy cake
 : Uniform cake : Wine bottle cake : Wine Bottle and cheese cake : Shoe Box cake
 : Sweet 16 cake : Sweet 16 cake : Movie Real cake : Bud Light cake
 : Corona Beer cake : Avatar Disney cake  : Pink and White cake : Sprinkle cake
 : 50's cake : Dice cake  : Jurassic Park cake  : Movie cake
 : 3D Airplane cake : Minnie Mouse cake : Gucci cake : Soccer cake
Motor Cycle Harry Potter Hawaiian Birthday Shoe Birthday
Paris Birthday Uniform cakeMiami HeatCuba Birthday
Star WarsGryffindor Sorting Hat cake